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Business Accounts

Create instantly up to 5 IBAN accounts to fully cover all your banking needs.
SEPA and SWIFT for Fast Payments for all transfers in EUR, GBP and USD

Executive Cards

Business Mastercard cards that are linked to your account.
High Limits to cover all your business needs

Expense Cards

Business Mastercard cards to provide to your employees for all company expenses. Manage each card separately to allow certain type of transactions to each employee, such as not allowing ATM withdrawals or set spending limits for each card.

Different Access roles

Set the access roles for your each of your users.
Set the role and access level you want for each member of your team i.e. manager or accountant.


More Ways to Reach Your Customers

Payment links allow you to instantly reach your customers wherever they are. Once your customers click on the payment link, they can pay using the same methods they would normally use to make payments on the payment page such as by debit or credit card.
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